To assist NPs in starting their practice, stay tuned to this site as it develops for a step-by-step guide in your endeavor.

Module 1

            Preparing to open a business

Module 2

            Where will I practice

  • Brick and mortar, telehealth or home health
  • Services to be offered
  • Utilities: rent, telephone, electricity, water, internet
  • Equipment: computers, fax, health care equipment
  • Software:  electronic medical record, financial software

Module 3

            What do I need to practice?

  • Policy and Procedure Manuals
  • Agreements with labs.
  • Insurance: business and malpractice 
  • Medical equipment suppliers
  • Housecleaning
  • Biohazard Waste Management
  • Confidential Waste Disposal
  • CPA services
  • Lawyer services
  • Policy and Procedure Manuals

Module 4

            Who do I practice with?

  • Establishing and maintaining relationship with delegating physician
    • Insurance, malpractice coverage, retirement programs
    • prescriptive authority agreement
  • Employees: 
    • Nurses: medical assistants, licensed vocational nurse, registered nurse
    • Office staff, billing specialist, office managers
  • Employee considerations
  • Paychecks, business taxes, quarterly and yearly taxes

Module 5

            How do I get paid to practice?

  • Reimbursement:
    • Cash
    • Third-party payment such as insurance
      • Credentialing
      • Government Reimbursement Programs
        • Medicare
        • Medicaid
        • Workers Compensation
  • Marketing

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